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CRA Statement

Artisans’ Bank maintains a regulatory obligation to seek, understand, and actively help meet the credit and financial services needs of the communities the Bank serves, including both low- and moderate-income communities and minority-majority geographic sectors. The Board of Directors, Officers, and Associates of Artisans’ Bank remain deeply committed to the spirit of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and demonstrate this commitment by promoting a roster of innovative and flexible consumer loan and consumer deposit products; by providing leadership and outreach to many non-profit agencies that serve these segments of our community; and by investing in assets that help support the community’s credit and financial service needs. 

CRA Assessment Area

Artisans’ Bank serves all three counties within the State of Delaware: New Castle County, which is within Metropolitan Area (MA) 48864; Kent County, which is within Metropolitan Area (MA) 20100 and Sussex County, which is within Metropolitan Area (MA) 41540. This CRA delineation matches our Reasonable Expected Market Area (REMA) and is based on the location of the Bank's full-service branches.  These communities are where we predominately make our loans and accept customer deposits.  

Loan Products: 

Homeownership Program 

The Bank offers low- and moderate-income first-time home buyers a slightly reduced interest rate with no bank application fee. The discount is offered to low- and moderate-income homebuyers and for properties in low- and moderate-income and minority-majority census tracts.  The Bank participates in the FHLMC Home Possible programs, the FHLB Pittsburg First Front Door settlement assistance program, and offers both FHA and VA mortgages, which are attractive to first-time home buyers. The Bank sells these loans servicing released to FHLMC or US Bank.   Please contact our Residential Lending department for details of our homeownership initiatives. 

Credit Builders Loans

This consumer loan product assists borrowers in establishing or improving their credit score or in accruing the savings necessary for a home purchase down payment or personal savings needs. Proceeds from a consumer loan of $500 to $5,000 are deposited into an Artisans’ Bank Credit Builder Savings account that secures the loan. Borrowers repay the loan over a twelve-to-thirty-six-month period, from their monthly cash flow, while strengthening their credit ratings. Applications for Credit Builder loans must come from a participating local agency (see below) who provide the technical assistance needed to ensure success. 

Small Dollar Loans

Artisans' Bank also offers a low interest, no fee, micro-loan program for the working poor, as an alternative payday or title lending.  The Bank and participating agencies will approve small dollar loan requests from $300 to $2,000 to assist consumers through temporary hardships, while strengthening their credit ratings with the consumer reporting agencies.  This is not a direct-to-consumer product and clients must be referred to the Bank by a participating local agency (see below) who will provide the technical assistance needed to ensure customer success.  


Deposit Products: 

The Bank supports several no or low-cost savings products for low- and moderate-income consumers.  Applications for the Bank's Easy Access and Free Savers products may come from any consumer.  Applications for our other CRA products must come from a participating local non-profit agency (see below) who will provide the technical assistance needed to ensure success.  

Easy Access Accounts

Artisans' Bank supports the national BankOn initiative to provide safe, affordable, and functional bank accounts.  Our Easy Access Account is a non-interesting bearing, low cost, checkless checking account with no overdraft or NSF fees.  The account offers a VISA check card and access to the Bank's free online banking, mobile banking and bill payment services.  The account has a low $ 3 monthly service charge which is waived each statement cycle with either an ACH Credit or Debit or a $300 average daily balance.  The account also offers up to 4 free money orders per month to facilitate bill payment.  Transactions which would normally incur an overdraft or NSF fee are returned or declined with no bank fee.  

Free and Group Savers Accounts

Free and Group Savers Accounts are designed as an entry-level statement savings account for consumers who are unfamiliar with bank products.  These accounts earn a premium rate of interest and have no minimum balance requirements or monthly services fees.  Group Savers accounts must be opened via a referral from a participating community service agency (see below) who will provide the technical assistance to ensure success.   


Individual Development Accounts

The Bank is able to support individual development “matched savings” account (IDA) programs offered by local participating agencies.  IDA participants save for home ownership, micro enterprise development, or continuing education and may receive a private or public sector savings match if they meet their personal savings goals. Individual Development Accounts must be opened via a referral from a participating community service agency. At this time, the Bank is not aware of any active IDA programs in the State of Delaware. 

Bank at School Accounts

The Bank supports the University of Delaware's Bank at School program by offering savings accounts to students attending several Delaware schools. We are proud to support this program by operating weekly on-site banking services at Odyssey Intermediate, W. Reily Brown Elementary, Holy Angels Academy, Linden Hill Elementary, Lancashire Elementary, Lord Baltimore Elementary, and David Robinson Elementary schools.   For more information on the Bank at School program, please contact the UD Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship at 302-831-2559.

Approved Community Agencies 

If you would like to join the Bank’s list of approved community agencies who may offer our programs, we'd like to talk with you.  Please contact our CRA Officer, Joel Schiller, at 302-884-6566, or

For more information about Artisans' community involvements, including its overall responsibilities under the Community Reinvestment Act, please contact the Bank's CRA Officer, Joel Schiller, at 302-884-6566, or

Corporate Giving: 


Artisans' Bank has a long tradition of supporting our community through corporate support and employee volunteerism. Our Marketing and Community Relations Officer manages requests for contributions, sponsorships, and volunteer programs. The Bank funds these contributions though its annual operating budget and does not maintain a foundation or endowment fund. To submit a grant or capital campaign request, please write to us at our corporate address and include the information you feel is important to be considered. We will do our best to consider your request in a timely manner.

Artisans' Bank Associates support a number of volunteer programs with their time and talents and are encouraged to volunteer with non-profit agencies and organizations that support our community. Volunteer partnerships have included building homes for Habitat for Humanity, preparing meals for children and their families at Ronald McDonald House, teaching inner city children the importance of saving as part of the National Teach Children to Save Day, collecting food or household items for a variety of local non-profit agencies, and providing gifts as part of the Salvation Army's efforts to serve local families during the holidays. 

For more information about Artisans' Bank community involvement and corporate giving, please contact the Marketing and Community Relations Officer, Jennifer Paige, at 302-884-6818 or

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