Watch Artisans' 30 second commercial about phishing scams.

Artisans' Bank cares about your security.  That's why we have teamed up with the American Bankers Association to help consumers identify phishing scams. 

ABA’s #BanksNeverAskThat anti-phishing campaign helps consumers beat scammers at their own game.

Every day, thousands of people fall victim to fraudulent emails, texts and calls from scammers pretending to be their bank. We want to change that by raising awareness among banks and their customers of best practices for phishing defense. 

Have you heard about the fast-growing scam known as "Pig Butchering"?

Beware!!! This is how it works:

  • Perpetrators will contact you out of nowhere via text messages, dating apps, social media platforms, and later switch to VOIP chat applications.
  • Perpetrators will try to develop meaningful relationships with you, gain your trust, and offer you high-yield investment opportunities in virtual assets, such as cryptocurrency.
  • Perpetrators will tell you to open accounts on online investment websites and instruct you to deposit money via wire transfer to shell companies, or direct transfers on legitimate virtual asset service providers (VASPs) or cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Perpetrators will pressure you to invest more money, or your relationship with them will end.
  • You can be duped and the fraud will end: When you attempt to withdraw money, websites may demand that you pay additional fees to do so; or you may be locked out of the account and never hear back from the perpetrator. Perpetrators disappear with all of your funds.

REPORT: If you suspect you are a victim of a Pig Butchering Scam, notify your bank immediately. Contact your local police department
and file a police report. File a complaint on the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3):

Learn more about this crime along with other ongoing cybercrime threats at  FDIC-OIG


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PRO TIPS to help spot scams: 

  • Banks will never ask for your PIN or Password over the phone, by email, or by text. 
  • Banks will never ask for your account number over the phone, by email, or by text.
  • Banks will never ask for your Social Security number over the phone, by email, or by text.
  • Banks will never ask you to click on a suspicious link.
  • If you get an email, text, or phone call asking you to call a number, DON'T call it.  Call instead the number on your bank-issued card.
  • Beware of scare tactics.  Your bank will never pressure or threaten you to contact them.
  • Watch for misspelled words.  This is often a giveaway of a scam.

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