• Guaranteed to Grow

    18 Month CDs paying 0.45% APY


    No other accounts required for this rate.

    Minimum Balance to open: $1,500 

    Effective 6/19/2020

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  • Rates are Great!

    Rates are great because they are low.

    Take a look at your mortgage interest rate. Then contact our Mortgage Lending Team and let them

    help you determine if now is the right time to refinance.   


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  • Home Equity Lines of Credit at 3.25% APR 

    We offer the same great rate for all home equity lines of credit from $10,000 up to 80% of your home's value.  

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  • Sign up for Bill Pay


    Bill Pay gives you convenience and control.

    Pay, track and manage your bills all in one place.

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Online Banking

Simplify banking. Manage your daily spending the way you like. 

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Home Equity Lines

Start thinking about your future and how a home equity line of credit can benefit you. 

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Residential Mortgages

Build yourself a home. Check out our variety of options for new home purchases and refinancing. 

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Financial Literacy

Learn how to manage your everyday money decisions with Banzai, a FREE online financial literacy program.

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