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Check & ACH Positive Pay is a
Cash Management service
offered for fraud protection.
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ACH and Check Positive Pay is a Cash Management Service offered by Artisans' Bank for our business clients.  This service adds a layer of fraud protection to your business against forged/altered checks and scammers.
  • Check Positive Pay - The system matches the date, check number, dollar amount, and account number of each check presented against a list provided by the company to protect against forged, altered, and counterfeit checks.  
  • ACH Positive Pay - The system allows ACH items presented on the account to be approved or rejected and can automatically approve ACHs from creditors and debtors included on a provided exceptions list; protecting the company against scams.

Positive Pay Process  |  



1.  Enrollment Companies who are participating in Cash Management services are eligible to enroll in positive pay services with Artisans’ Bank.

2. Providing Details

When a company distributes a batch of checks, it also uploads a list to the online banking system. This list includes essential check details such as:

  • Check number
  • Account number
  • Dollar amount
  • Optionally, the payee name

During enrollment and whenever a new “trusted” creditor or debtor is recognized a list of information can be provided to the bank. This includes:

  • Company Name
  • Company ID
  • Amount Range of ACH
  • Credit or Debit Item
  • Optionally, other items like the routing number and SEC code.
3. Comparison & Flagging

The bank cross-references the checks presented for payment against the company’s approved list. If any check doesn’t match the provided information, the bank flags it.

The bank cross-references the ACHs presented onto an enrolled account against the list of “trusted” creditors and debtors provided. If any ACHs don’t come from the list of “trusted” creditors and debtors, the bank flags it.
4. Decisioning

The bank includes items for decisioning within the check & ACH positive pay portion of online banking. The company then decides whether to accept or reject the flagged items.

5. Fraud Prevention

Positive pay acts as a form of insurance against fraud, losses, and other liabilities to the account owner and bank. It prevents forged, altered, and counterfeit checks from being honored and stops unauthorized ACH items from being processed.

Artisans' Bank offers a comprehensive line of business services to our Cash Management clients.  Learn more about the services we provide by reaching out to one of our Relationship Managers.

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