Touch Tone Banking Quick Reference Guide

Call us 24/7 if you need information about your accounts: 

302-658-6888 or 800-440-0361

Need Voice Recognition?
Press *8.

Touchtone Banking Menu Options:

1. Account Information

  1. Account Balance
  2. Account History
  3. Future Dated Transactions
    1. ACH Transactions
    2. List of scheduled Funds Transfers

2. Funds Transfer or Make a payment

  1. Transfer Funds Immediately
  2. Schedule a Funds Transfer
  3. Payment Menu
    1. Immediate Payment
    2. Scheduled Payment

3. Stop Payment

  1. Stop Payment on Specific Check
  2. Stop Payment on Check Range
  3. Stop Payment Inquiry

4. Interest Rates on CDs and IRAs


5. Activate a Debit Card

  1. Customer must call from a phone number that we have on our system

6. Report an ATM or Debit Card Lost or Stolen

  1. Lost/Stolen during banking hours
  2. Lost/Stolen after hours 

7. Change Overdraft Options(Opt-in/ Opt-out)

  1. To opt-in or opt-out of our Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service program for debit card ATM transactions.

8. Touch Tone Banking PIN Maintenance

With Artisans' Touch Tone Banking you can:

  • Check your account balances
  • View your account history
  • Review upcoming transactions
  • Schedule loan payments
  • and much more!

For more information, contact us at 302-658-6881
or stop by any branch office. Click here for locations and hours