Statement Savings

Saving money plays an important part in helping you with your current and future financial needs. Often it's not easy, especially to begin the savings process. The easiest way for you to start saving is with an Artisans' Bank Statement Savings Account. You can open the account with as little as $10 and begin earning interest on balances of $50 and up. Also, you save faster when the cost to maintain the account is low. With an average daily balance of $100 you avoid the $5 monthly service fee. Now is the time to begin saving your money, earning interest and building your balances to help meet your current and future financial goals. Other features include:

  • Free Online Banking
  • Free e-Statements
  • Interest compounded and credited monthly
  • Can provide overdraft protection for checking account
  • Minimum to Open - $10
  • Monthly Service Charge - $5
  • Minimum to Earn Interest - $50
  • Balance to Avoid Service Charge - $100 Average Daily Balance 


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Withdrawals or third party payments, including Online Banking Transfers, ACH, POS and wire transfers as well as all telephone transfers are restricted to 6 per month. These transaction limits do not apply on withdrawals payable to you or from an ATM.