Premier Money Market

This tiered money market account rewards you for maintaining high balances. Simply put, the higher your balance the higher your interest rate; the higher your interest rate the higher your earnings.

Every day your balance is over $100,000 you earn our highest rate. Every day your balance is between $75,000 to just under $100,000, you earn that tier's rate, and so on. Even accounts between $5,000 and $10,000 earn competitive rates.

  • Daily compounding with monthly crediting of interest
  • Monthly statements
  • Write checks on this account
  • Access Funds with ATM Card
  • Can be opened by individuals, small businesses and corporations
  • Minimum to Open - $5,000
  • Monthly Service Charge - $15
  • Minimum to Earn Interest - $5,000
  • Balance to Avoid Service Charge - $5,000 Minimum Daily Balance 

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Access your funds as needed without a restriction on the number of transactions you can perform.