Workout Loan Admin Specialist

Job Function: Management of Appraisal Ordering Process, Management of Reports – FAS 114 and Oreo Activity, and Document Preparation


Job Duties

  1. Management of Appraisal Ordering Process for Commercial Loan and Workout

- Bidding, engaging and management of requested appraisals

- Coordinating with designated function backup to ensure coverage at all times

- Ensures timely storage of completed appraisals (K-drive, scanning as necessary, etc.) inappropriate locations

- Management of Approved Appraiser List

- Oversight of properties owned by the Bank (OREO) or collateral for troubled relationships(reported on FAS114 evaluations) to ensure timely ordering of appraisals for valuation purposes

- Processing of appraisal bills and follow-up on fee collection as necessary


  1. Management of Key Reports

- FAS 114

- OREO Activity

- Ensure monthly activity is noted within the appropriate report

o Typical entries include updates to payment history, delinquency info, and borrower additions ordeletions from either report


  1. Document Preparation Responsibilities

- Review document requests to ensure completeness

- Produce loan documentation packages using Laser Pro system

- Communicate and discuss loan transactions with commercial lending officers or other bank staff,internal counsel and chief credit and lending officers

- Review entity documentation to understand business structure and authorized signers

- Perform post-booking quality control to verify accuracy of system inputs



  1. Other Duties

- Processing of OREO and other transactions: Preparation of G/L tickets, rental payments for occupied OREO, OREO maintenance expenses,other payments as needed, etc.

- Monitoring status of insurance for OREO properties and placing/canceling coverage as needed

- Ensuring appropriate documentation of above activity

- Secretary to Workout Committee - Keeper of minutes and records

- Tracking taxes for OREO, FAS 114, and troubled borrower collateral properties

- Ordering credit reports

- Other tasks and responsibilities as necessary from time to time



Job Qualifications:


High School Diploma required; College courses preferred

Two years experience in commercial lending, commercial documentation or related field preferred.

Well developed computer/data entry skills/Word/Excel

Strong organizational, communication and attention to detail skills

Ability to work independently with knowledge to prioritize work flow/tasks

Ability to work under pressure, multi-tasking