Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit.  We put 24 hour banking in your hands. 

With the click of a button, you can take a photo of the front and back of a check andCell phone image of mobile deposit check and coffee cup deposit it into your account.  Quick. Easy. Done.

Here's How it Works:

Start:   Log into your online banking and select which accounts  you want for mobile access through the 'Options, Mobile Settings' commands.

Next:  When you use the Mobile Deposit feature on your phone for the first time, follow the prompts to register your accounts, then review and approve the Mobile Deposit agreement. 


Next: get your check and grab your phone:  

Step one:  endorse your check with the following information: payee signature and these words:  For Mobile Deposit Only with Artisans’ Bank

Step Two: On your mobile device, select 'Deposit" from the drop down menu & select '+' icon to start the deposit

Step Three: follow the easy-to-read prompts to take a photo of your check.  That's it!


Things to Remember:


Endorsement:   you must prepare  your check by adding certain information: payee signature and these words: For Mobile Deposit Only with Artisans' Bank. 

Cut off Times: mobile deposits made on a business day (Monday – Friday) between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm ET are normally credited on the same day.  Mobile deposits made outside these cutoff times (such as weekends, Federal Holidays and Bank Closings) are reviewed and credited the next business day.*

For daily and monthly limits:  refer to the Online Banking Agreement  

Hold onto the paper check/money order for at least 14 days:  once the deposit has been made and there are no issues, you may destroy the paper document.  

Your Phone Service Carrier: our app is free but standard rates and fees may apply from your wireless carrier.

Here is where you can download our app to your mobile device:            

To review the Artisans’ Bank Online Banking Agreement which includes Mobile Deposits. Online Banking Agreement


*Artisans’ Bank reserves the right to review all Mobile Deposits and your deposits may be subject to delayed availability, suspensions and/or rejection.  Ask any bank representative for details.  For more information, call 302-658-6850 during banking hours Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.