Team Member Spotlight

JULY 2024

Danielle and Michelle - The Dover Area Duo

Between retail banking and commercial lending, they handle our customers' needs.

Despite being mother and daughter, Danielle and Michelle keep their interactions attuned to those of teammates, with a parking lot between their workspaces. Confident and approachable, they are always prepared to provide a helpful tip or a good laugh when it comes to your banking or commercial lending needs!

Overwhelmingly, Michelle and Danielle find immense value in their daily work due to the incredible individuals they have the privilege of working with. Their teams and clients provide unwavering support, infuse their interactions with an undeniable sense of enjoyment, and bring out the very best in each other.

Q:  What is the best part of working at Artisans' Bank?

A: Michelle and Danielle both emphasized the importance of the team dynamic at Artisans' Bank. They attribute their personal growth and development to the supportive teams they've been part of and now feel empowered to extend that support to others.

"It's been interesting looking back and thinking about how I learned all of this, and now watching someone else go through the same learning process and being able to help them. It's all a journey that requires a supportive team, and I feel fortunate to be part of that team," commented Danielle.

Michelle, as a dedicated Commercial Loan Administrator, may not always be the most visible member of the lending team, but she is the linchpin that ensures the successful completion of every transaction. Her unwavering commitment and meticulous attention to detail make her an outstanding source of support within the commercial lending department.

Q:  How has Commercial Lending and your role changed in recent years?

A:  "As digital technology advances, Commercial Lending and my role have progressed into a more streamlined, certainly more computer-based one-stop-shopping experience, and the pace of this transformation has accelerated. However, amidst this change, the atmosphere at Artisans' has remained focused on providing a customer-centric experience, whereas other banks have shifted towards a more aggressive sales approach."

As a Relationship Banker II, Danielle describes her role thoroughly. It includes various financial aspects, as you would expect, but unexpectedly, a quasi-therapist's role. This is because being effective in her position involves listening to the customer, understanding their perspective, and genuinely wanting to help them find financial success.

Q:  What makes a Relationship Banker successful?

A:  "Being a people person, first and foremost. I believe that banking is more about understanding people's unique wants and needs rather than just focusing on financial transactions. To do this effectively, engaging in meaningful conversations and delving into the details is important. At Artisans', we take pride in our distinctive approach, which prioritizes fostering genuine relationships with our customers. Our focus is to provide products and services that are truly beneficial to them, keeping their best interests at heart."

Q:  Is there anything unexpected or extra you would like to share?

A :  Both Michelle and Danielle spoke almost simultaneously, expressing their wish to have something unexpected or fun to share. Neither of them plans to go kayaking or jump off a cliff in the near future, although they did discuss plans for travel and family moving back home! 

Thank you, Danielle and Michelle, for generously sharing your time with us. It has been a pleasure getting to know you better. 

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