Home Equity Line of Credit




                                                     Ready to Renovate?

Now is the time to tap into the value of your home. 

2.99% APR for 6 months

then 4.50% APR*

This great low interest rate converts to WSJ Prime less 0.25% after 6 months and loan amounts can be as low as $10,000.**
Offer good for new Home Equity Lines of Credit only. 

There are a lot of expenses that pop-up, both planned and unplanned, that you may need to finance. Taking advantage of equity in your home and with your line you can:

  • renovate your kitchen, add a media room or porch and patio 
  • repair your home or replace your roof
  • purchase a new car
  • consolidate your debts
  • pay medical bills
  • pay for tuition


No fees for Home Equity Lines of Credit $250,000 and under.***

Stop by any branch office or call us at 302-658-6881, please select option #5  for more information.

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*APR - Annual Percentage Rate

** This great low rate converts to Wall Street Journal Prime less 0.25% after 6 months.  This interest rate is variable and may change each month, based on the Wall Street Journal Prime as appearing on the first day of each month.  As of October 31, 2019, this rate was 4.50% APR.  The maximum APR over the life of the loan will never exceed 18% APR.  Interest begins to accrue on the business date a draw is made against the credit line and is posted to the account. 

***For HELOC over $250,000, a $425 appraisal fee is required. 

Home Equity Lines of Credit are established for a ten year draw period.  Rates listed are for single-family primary or secondary owner-occupied residences, with a loan-to-value ratio not exceeding 80%.  Minimum payments are interest only.  No fees are charged for repayment of loan principal.  If only the minimum required monthly interest payments under the HELOC plan are made, these payment will NOT be sufficient to repay the debt and the remaining loan principal and any interest due will be due and payable at the end of the ten year draw term.  


Offer of credit is subject to credit approval.  Renewals of the HELOC cannot be guaranteed.  This special offer is effective through November 30, 2019.  Homeowner's insurance is required to be maintained.  Flood insurance may also be required, depending on the property.  Consult your tax adviser regarding the possible deductions of interest. For a detailed HELOC Plan disclosure, please contact our Consumer Lending Department at 302-658-6881, please select option#5.